Jun 07th


Hypomagnesemia, frequent ventricular premature beats, antiarrhythmic effect оf magnerot

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Batushkin V., Marusthenko E.

Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Kiev, Ukraine

Summary. The aim of the article was to determine the influence of course antiarrhythmic Magnerot (1500 mg per day for 1 month) to reduce ectopic myocardial activity during 24-hour ECG monitoring in 186 patients with various chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular systems and metabolisms desorgers. Hypomagnesemia accompanied to occurrence of PVCs in 44,8 % of patients with type 2 diabetes and 33,3 % of patients with metabolic syndrome. However, the presence of arrhythmias in our study did not largely depend on the serum magnesium. Course application Magnerot 1500 mg per day for 1 month reduces VE 67 % of patients in uncorrected sample. Antiarhythmic effect of Magnerot was associated not only with the correction of hypomagnesaemia, but with a positive metabolic effect on the myocardium. This was manifested in the characteristic changes in heart rhythm in the form of increased fashion RR intervals and stabilization amplitude of mode on scatterogram at 24-hour ECG monitoring. The greatest effect of Magnerot on reducing the frequency PVCs observed in groups of patients with diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, pathological climax.

Keywords: frequent ventricular premature beats, communication with hypomagnesemia, Magnerot, skatterografic indications of effectiveness.