Jul 29th


Prolonged еxperience intensive lipid-lowering therapy in patients with coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis in the carotid arteries. Clinical case

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Gornyakova N.B., Susekov A.V., Zubarev M.U., Balakhonova T.V., Luginova Z.G., Pogorelova O.A.

L.A. Myasnikov Institute of Clinical Cardiology. FSBI «Russian Cardiological Research and Production Complex» of Ministry of Healthcare of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia

Summary. Rate of cardiovascular disease in a population in almost all countries of the world continues to grow. A necessary condition for long-term program to improve the prognosis in patients with high risk of cardiovascular disease is prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. The main direction in the fight against this process is lipid-lowering therapy. However, with the introduction of new, more radical target lipid levels there is a need of lipid-lowering therapy with an increase in the starting doses of statins in daily practice and the increased use of combination therapy. This article discusses the long-term experience of lipid-lowering therapy in high risk patients.

Key words: lipid-lowering therapy, the high risk of cardiovascular events, statins.